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Tomato Basil Jam

Canning on Ceramic Glass Cooktops

Have no fear, canning on ceramic glass cooktops works.  First, let’s discuss correct canning pot selection! This past winter, we enjoyed some great home-canned jams, pickles and peppers preserved from our garden the previous summer.  Tomatoes and hot peppers grow prolifically without much fuss in our backyard garden.  Our favorite home canning recipe is Habenero Gold […]

Melted Foil on Cooktop

Melted Aluminum Foil on my Cooktop!

Cleaning off Aluminum Foil stuck to a cooktop We occasionally get questions from home chefs who’ve run into trouble with their ceramic glass cooktops.  Recently Jeanne Huber from the Washington Post asked for Ted’s help for a home chef whose new ceramic glass cooktop had melted aluminum foil on the surface.  Here’s a link to […]