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  • Scratched Ceramic Glass Cooktop

    May 16, 2016

      “Can I scratch my cooktop?”   Yes ….”Now can I repair it?”  That depends… To be clear on the problem, a light scratch on the TOP of the glass-ceramic surface does not make it unsafe to use… just less new.  Like the first ding in a new car paint, a scratch is frustrating.  The scratch […]


  • Electrical Shock or Arcing from your Cooktop?

    January 8, 2016

    Had a unique discussion today with someone recently who noticed electrical arcing between the glass-ceramic surface and his cookware when the cooktop was hot.  He thought the glass-ceramic was creating this electrical charge. First, if you experience such an incident, please .  This could be potentially very serious problem. Next, the glass is not the […]


  • Pan to burner size mismatch

    December 7, 2015

    Why do I need to match my cookware to the burner on the glass?


  • Canning on Ceramic Glass Cooktops

    July 18, 2015

    Have no fear, canning on ceramic glass cooktops works.  First, let’s discuss correct canning pot selection! This past winter, we enjoyed some great home-canned jams, pickles and peppers preserved from our garden the previous summer.  Tomatoes and hot peppers grow prolifically without much fuss in our backyard garden.  Our favorite home canning recipe is Habenero Gold […]


  • Cracked Ceramic Cooktop

    February 1, 2015

    A common question is, “What should I do now, my ceramic cooktop is broken?”  Accidents happen like dropping something from high up on to the glass.  Or maybe you are not sure what caused it to break…a topic for later. The material in your cooktop is quite strong, but it is not tempered or “safety […]